Thursday, October 1, 2009

This Way

Today is the first day of the rest of our lives. At least that is our intention.
We have decided to discard some of the more unhealthy routines that we have slipped into, the ones that support our tendency more towards those of sloths than humans. And so the foods we chose will alter, and our bodies will have a chance to renew their connection with nature.
Today we managed a 45 minute walk, sans old dog who slows us down, around our new neighborhood. I was all decked out in my thrift store walking outfit. Lime green yoga pants, blue windbreaker and more than enough extra pounds to make the hill that much more steep.  We discovered an old underground building on the University grounds. Something to investigate another day!
Mr. Kingfisher (the chef in our family) is making a wonderful carrot soup to keep me from sneaking out to the local cafe for a latte and goodie. My great downfall.
Last night, I along with a friend, went to hear Starhawk. It was inspiring, especially the Spiral Dance at the end of her talk, out in the big field at the University. I think it was good for the energy of that institution. Introducing something organic back into its mainstream ways.
I have a sketch that I scribbled up as she spoke. I will try and get that scanned in today.

Ms. Sparrow

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