Saturday, October 10, 2009

Then I'll Feel Better

I realize I can't buy my non-mainstream car for my non-mainstream life.

Presently I drive a VW bus with a gash on the side. That, at least, sets me apart. I can't get a tailor made car, "Make sure no one has one of those, then I'll feel better."

Cause this is what we are trying to do: figure out who we are. A car seems like such a shallow thing to put that expression in. If it were a work art, then it would be easier. But it's manufactured by someone who isn't me. So I'm reliant on some factory somewhere that gives me a mass production car. I want to be an individual. And that's my dilemma.

I like old things. I like old buildings. Things that aren't around anymore. I like to believe that old things don't have to be cast off, that they still have value. But apparently it's not so with cars. Unless you have lots of money.

It's such a small part of who we are. There are more important parts of what we're about. It's just a small thing.

 "If we don't get the car, our life won't be the same..." -- It's a f*ckin' car.


Ms. Sparrow

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