Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Must Not

Must means that despite what is, it has to be. It must be that I get what I want. My wants must exist. A must is a desire for this want to supersede all other wants. I want this want. The wanting of the wanted.

By definition, a want is something you don't have. A must is a desire bent in on itself. Not just wanting to dance, but wanting to want to dance. So why not wanting to want to want to dance? It is an entanglement of preconditions before the action. Expectations of existence made with insistence lead to resistance.

Wanting distances you from your way. To be in want is to be in disassociation. From this state we tell the universe what it must do and be.

In having, we see that it is always to an extent. Just as there is no want, there is no have-not. We have everything, even if only infinitesimally, even if only in our minds.

As everything is one, and it is our conventions that make distinctions, do not forget that disassociation is when you believe that two interconnected 'things' are actually two things. Differentiation is a convenience.

Mr. Kingfisher

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  1. Right on Mr. Kingfisher!
    I enjoy your thoughts. Flights into big thinking.
    Ms. Sparrow