Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hierarchy Without Tears

Buddha Monkey Chicken Crocodile

Our spirit-life exists in timelessness - our core values, purpose, truth, and leadership.

Ahierarchial - is based in truths that are real. Each individual in the hierarchy recognises them as true and goes about their actions accordingly. There is no law. There are options and considerations. Those who can do, those who can't let those who can do - they learn how, or they do something else.

Our natural-life exists in natural cycles - our rhythms, learning style, action, pleasures, and personality.

Role based and flexible. Feelings motivate toward exploration of the world and each other. Play is emphasised and seen as crucial to productivity.

Our social-life exists in clock time - our tribe, favour, alliance, duty, position consciousness, self-consciousness, and worry.

The hierarchical being is a worried being.
Everything they touch, no matter how benign, they apply the Illich principle and make it a counterproductive institution. They weaponise it. Their basic point of view is paranoid.

Our economic-life exists in the now - our provisioning, sustainability, survival.

Everyman for himself. Anarchist in the worst sense. Capitalist in the worst sense. All about ourselves and devil take the hindmost. It is the absence of civilisation. Crocodilic mentality's presence in a civilisation is a cancer. It lives off the structures that can only be held in place by higher forms of consciousness, while maintaining that it has a right to pursue its agenda of freedom. This freedom is undermined by its actions.

Mr. Kingfisher

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