Tuesday, November 3, 2009

You are what you own.

Do you own it?

Most people don't - some examples:

1.  The gaping hole.
    All you need is some duct tape... and there! I fixed it.

2. The prepackaged fix (or Get someone else to do it for you).
    Sure they bill you lots of money, but hell you can put it on your credit card.

3. Working for that pension in thirty years.
     Just keep your head down, somewhere between your knees is probably good.

They don't own it. They don't have the guts to try. Try what?
Whatever it is. You know... "It."
You've been wanting to do it since you figured out what it was. Usually in your teen years.
Some people as soon as they realise it, hide it from themselves. They know they won't do anything about it, so why torture themselves about being a failure? That they never went for it. They didn't even try to do it.

And you want to know why I think that is? It's because you need to own it. Other people have expectations of you: shoulds and should'nts. It's just easier, or rather lazier, to do what they want -- what we think it is that they want. When you own it, any of it, you are responsible. Not in the good boy/girl, pat on the head, way. In the existential, acting without a net, totally adrift in autonomous individuality, way. It is yours. It isn't like everyone else's.

It is unique. And we are too afraid to be that -- What would the neighbours think?

And if you can't admit that "it" is yours, how will you ever admit that "it" is you?

Mr. Kingfisher

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