Monday, September 28, 2009

Which Wei to Way

Recently, Ms. Sparrow and I decided to liquidate all our assets; we cashed out.

Why? Because we were not fulfilled. We have been struck by a dream of the perfect downsized, orderly, aesthetic, sustainable, creative and yet tranquil domesticity.

To be more precise, we'd purchased an abandoned 1890 wreck of a Georgian Revival house, tossed in six figures plus two years slavery and made it out with our shirts as the market tanked. Lucky us.

Now we are taking some time off to recover and are wondering if their isn't a better life available. A reasonable translation being: we are sick of our idiotic habits which get us into trouble (like the purchase of dilapidated houses) and are willing to remake ourselves in order live better lives. Are you too ready to cast off the tyranny of your own mental chains? Are we?

Who knows, but at least there will be a blog about it.

Mr. Kingfisher

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